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Our data-driven strategy process is built on insights from the Nonprofit Video Index™.

Our video strategy is for any nonprofit that’s wondered…

  • Are our videos as effective as they can be?
  • How many videos should we produce each year?
  • How do we know what our audiences want?
  • What should we be measuring?
  • Which social media channels should we focus on?
  • How do our videos compare against our peers?
  • What should our goals be?
  • How do I maximize my budget?

What's Included

After nearly a decade of working with leading nonprofit organizations, we’ve developed a framework for approaching nonprofit videos that will revolutionize your thinking and give you a roadmap to make demonstrably better videos.

Benchmarking & Video Asset Audit

We conduct a video asset audit and compare your videos to your peers’ and to other nonprofits in your cause area. Part of this process involves pulling a year’s worth of data from social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to benchmark you against your peers and your cause area from our Nonprofit Video IndexTM.

Audience Analysis

We survey your internal and external audiences to identify their preferences, learn what they’d like to see and facilitate honest feedback on your videos. We also conduct interviews with five external stakeholders (i.e. board member, major donor, expert), and five internal staff members (i.e. CEO, CDO, Social Media Manager) to identify their values, understand your workflow and brainstorm concepts for future videos.

Best Practices

We teach our framework for approaching nonprofit videos and share the latest do’s and don'ts of video content for each channel. We also share our processes for audience testing, measurement and evaluation, distribution and digital asset management.


We create a step-by-step roadmap for your nonprofit to create better videos. First, we identify SMART goals to guide your strategy and maximize your budget. Second, Tectonic’s award-winning creative team develops video concepts to engage your audiences. And third, we develop a roll out plan for your team to put your strategy into action.

Our video strategy process is a stand alone service–there is no obligation to work with us once the strategy is complete. However, if you’re considering hiring us to create videos for your nonprofit, our video strategy process is a great place to start. It will ensure that we understand your organization, your peers, your audiences and your workflow, resulting in more effective solutions for your organization.

How It Works


Contact Us

Contact us to let us know you're interested. We'll arrange a time to chat to see whether our video strategy process is a good fit for your organization. If we decide to move ahead, we'll email you our service agreement, project schedule, and invoice.


Tell us which nonprofits you want us to benchmark you against. Create lists of internal and external audience members to survey and introduce us the folks you want us to interview.

Go Time!

We benchmark your videos, analyze your audiences through surveys and interviews, share best practices and create your unique roadmap.

In-Person Workshop

Tectonic's Founder, Doug Scott, travels to your office to conduct a day-long workshop with your team in which he walks through our findings, teaches our framework, shares best practices, and presents your unique roadmap. You ask questions, provide feedback, and together we develop a plan for implementation.

Final Strategy

We present the final video strategy. We also submit a proposal to create any applicable videos. Finally, we schedule a follow-up call in a couple of months to check in on your implementation of the plan and answer any questions you may have.


How long does it take? 3-6 weeks

Who should be involved? Our strategy process requires the participation of a decision maker(s), namely the CEO, CMO or CDO. Other personnel may include a Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Filmmaker, Director of Programs etc.

What kind of time commitment is expected? Onsite, day-long workshop for staff involved in the strategy process, including the decision maker; 1 hour kick-off meeting; 4 hours for “homework”; 15 minutes to email us the names of 4 peer organizations

What are the final deliverables? Video Strategy report (50+ pages of data, insights, and roll out plan); day-long in person workshop with Doug Scott, Founder of Tectonic

How much does it cost? Contact us for a quote.

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