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Educational Video Production for Nonprofits and Foundations

What is educational video production?

Here at Tectonic Video, we make learning fun.

As their name suggests, educational videos are meant to be informative. These films provide supporters with a deep dive into the specifics of your work, such as how a specific process or initiative functions or came to be. They are often cerebral and feature motion graphics or animation.

Organizations across the nonprofit landscape partner with Tectonic Video to help explain difficult concepts and position their brands as reliable thought leaders in their industry. Our videos blend education with entertainment to create an engaging experience for your organization’s unique audience.

Why use video to educate your audiences?

Nonprofits are turning to video to educate their audiences, because:

  • Video is preferred: Research shows that if video and text are both available on the same website, 72% of people choose to watch the video.
  • Video is engaging: Since video is the only medium that combines all four learning styles, using video to educate your audience increases the chances that viewers will retain your content and engage with it in the future.
  • Video technologies enhance the educational experience: Modern video platforms allow viewers to start and stop, rewatch and skip, resume, and interact with content in ways that traditional media can’t.
  • Educational videos can be measured, tested, and improved: Video platforms provide analytics that allow educators to track and analyze audience behaviors including views, watch time, and percent completion.

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What are different types of educational videos?

Educational videos can vary in their style and format, ranging from informational PSAs to animated explainers. Consider the following types of educational videos to find the right fit for your nonprofit:

1. Story Videos

Story videos educate viewers by creating a narrative and can be used to explain a variety of subjects. These in-depth videos transfer knowledge in an enjoyable, memorable way.

2. Explainer Videos

If you need to communicate complex ideas, data or processes, an explainer video will be your best bet. These brief videos visualize information, increasing comprehension and providing a framework for understanding your mission.

3. PSA videos

Public Service Announcement videos, or PSA videos, provide clear, concise messages targeted for specific audiences. They are critical for conveying potentially lifesaving information.

4. VR & 360º Videos

360º and Virtual Reality (VR) videos are cutting edge, immersive experiences that build empathy and blow minds while conveying important educational information.

Why work with Tectonic Video for educational video production?

At Tectonic Video, we exclusively partner with nonprofits, foundations, and cause-driven organizations to produce educational videos that inform and inspire. 

From brainstorming ideas and producing compelling content to tracking the results, our team of video storytellers is here to support your vision and bring it to life. It’s what we do best.

Examples of our award-winning educational videos

Over the past decade, Tectonic Video has worked with dozens of nonprofits to create educational videos that tackle important issues and deliver useful information. Here are a few examples of our work:

CrashCourse Football 12:09

Created for TeachAids, this is the official concussion education curriculum for USA Football, and was nominated for a Webby Award.

Scientist Stories 3:39

Created for The Tech Interactive, this series of films are installed in the Solve for Earth exhibit in the museum.


Created for the American Lung Association, this video has received numerous awards and ~1M views.

Wildlife Guardian 2:45

Created for The Tech Interactive, this film about Wildlife Conservation Society won a Telly, Davey and Communicator award.

MCAT 2:34

Created for Global Fund for Women, this explainer video educates their partners how to report their progress.

GreenTrip Connect 3:27

Created for the TransForm CA, this video helps developers design greener buildings and has received numerous awards.

FAQs About Nonprofit Educational Video Production


How do you make a nonprofit educational video?

To create a nonprofit educational video, it’s important to start by setting a budget and goal for the video. Then, partner with a professional video production team to guide your efforts and ensure you receive high-quality results. Their team of video experts will determine your target audience, write a detailed script, film the scenes, and create any necessary animations or graphics. After editing the final product, you can publish the video across your website and social media channels to begin engaging supporters.

How much does nonprofit educational video production cost?

The cost of producing a nonprofit educational video can vary depending on factors such as the length and complexity of the video, whether animations are needed, and the professional experience of the production team. For large-scale, high-quality content, costs can range from $30,000 to $150,000. Consult with a video production company and get a personalized quote based on your specific needs and goals.

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