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Check out these 5 best nonprofit videos that make an impact and inspire.
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Top 5 Nonprofit Videos That Will Move You to Action

In our modern, visual world, video is king, especially when you consider that 82% of…
Team plans for a virtual event.
Best Practices

5 Steps for Creating a Comprehensive Virtual Event Plan

Virtual events are an effective and convenient way to connect with your organization’s supporters. Follow…
Best Practices

4 Strategies to Promote Your Nonprofit’s Video Content

Promoting your video content helps to engage supporters and spread awareness about your nonprofit. Learn…
Woman viewing hybrid nonprofit event on phone
Best Practices

Hybrid Event Engagement: Crash Course for Nonprofits

Hybrid events have continued to gain momentum as a way to bring fundraising to both…
Use these nonprofit video marketing strategies to guide your efforts and set your organization up for success.
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Video Marketing for Nonprofits: 6 Tips to Drive Conversions

Video is an effective medium for sharing your nonprofit’s story, raising awareness for your cause,…
Follow this guide to learn how to get started with nonprofit video storytelling.
Ultimate Guide

How to Move Hearts & Minds with Nonprofit Video Storytelling

The impact nonprofits have on their communities is invaluable. Whether you feed the hungry or…
Person looking at phone and computer
Interviews & Profiles

Shareable Stories: Top Insights from Tectonic Video’s Educational Panel with NXUnite

Effectively conveying the mission is important for any nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Discover some expert tips…
Check out these top six providers who are leading the way in nonprofit video production.
Top Providers

Top 6 Nonprofit Video Production Companies in 2023

Nonprofit video production companies help captivate audiences and establish an emotional connection with those interested…
How nonprofits can make better videos with audience testing header
Best Practices

How nonprofits can improve their videos with audience testing

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Hollywood: Audience Testing for Better Videos What do the films…
Keema Webby Thumbnail

Keema And Her Pack is nominated for a Webby Award

Get some nonprofit video inspiration and view our Webby-nominated film. A couple of times a…
Nonprofits Livestreaming Header
Best Practices

How Nonprofits Can Use Livestreaming To Increase Video Engagement

One of the key findings in our upcoming report How the Pandemic Changed Nonprofit Video…
Case Study

Virtual Fundraising Events for Nonprofits Case Study

5 key learnings to make your nonprofit's virtual fundraising event a success. The COVID-19 pandemic…
Video is the Future of Nonprofit Communications Header
Best Practices

Video Is the Future of Nonprofit Communications

Updated on September 15, 2020 It's official - humans love video. We can't get enough…
Case Study

Solve for Earth: Scientist Stories

Inspiring future scientists to tackle the Earth's biggest problems. The Tech Interactive is a science…
Nonprofit Video Index Header Image
Best Practices

Announcing the Nonprofit Video Index

We believe that making videos for nonprofits is both an art and a science. While…
Tips & Tricks

4 Takeaways From a Virtual Gala: Does it Work?

World Relief Dupage/Aurora's annual gala was planned for April 2020...and then the world shut down.…
Case Study

CrashCourse Football

Educating young people about concussions using virtual reality. Every year, more than 2.5 million young…
Photo of Julie Packard on the beach, playing with children.
Case Study

Global Humanitarian: Julie Packard

Honoring a global leader in ocean conservation. The Tech for Global Good is an annual…
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Interviews & Profiles

Digital In Museums: An Interview with Wouter van der Horst

Wouter van der Horst is the former Digital Learning Educator at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam…
Austin Neighborhood Chicago Aerial
Case Study

Neighborhood Network Initiative

United Way of Metro Chicago is improving the lives of millions of people throughout Chicagoland.…
Header image showing Tata Margaret
Case Study

One Million Lives

Village Enterprise is a nonprofit organization working to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through…