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Nonprofit video production companies help captivate audiences and establish an emotional connection with those interested in supporting your mission.

Nonprofit video production companies help captivate audiences and establish an emotional connection with those interested in supporting your mission. Their work positions your organization as trustworthy and authentic. Plus, with the right imagery, their videos give your supporters specific images to believe in when they donate.

In this guide, we’ll answer common questions about nonprofit video production and list our favorite companies for you to check out. Here’s what we’ll cover:

If you think your organization might benefit from working with a nonprofit video company, this is the right guide for you. Let’s jump in!

FAQs About Nonprofit Video Production Companies

What is a nonprofit video production company?

A nonprofit video production company creates video content to amplify the voices and perspectives of mission-driven organizations. Rather than driving sales, nonprofit video production companies are focused on driving value towards honest, heartfelt stories.

What types of content do nonprofit video production companies make?

Chances are your nonprofit hears tales of perseverance, hope, and new beginnings on a daily basis. Nonprofit video teams will transform these stories into visual masterpieces that resonate with donors and inspire them to take action. The video content that they create can include fundraising videos, animated educational content, commercials, online ads, public service announcements (PSAs), training videos, and more.

How much does it cost to hire a nonprofit video production company?

The cost of hiring a nonprofit video production company depends on a variety of factors, including production rates, equipment, and video length. However, large-scale video production generally starts at about $30,000.

Request a quote from a nonprofit video production company to get an accurate estimate of the cost based on your project’s specific requirements.

How do nonprofit video production companies make content?

The nonprofit video production process involves several steps. The company will generally start by getting to know your nonprofit’s needs, target audience, and mission. Then, their team of expert videographers will script, film, edit, and produce a final product that effectively communicates the organization’s vision. Certain nonprofit video production companies will also collaborate with clients, conduct market research, and host live streams on your behalf.

Benefits of Hiring a Nonprofit Video Production Company

Videos are a leading platform for content consumption today. In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support.

The combination of images, dialogue, and music makes video a powerful platform that can capture imaginations and stir emotions. It’s not surprising, then, that nonprofits frequently hire video production companies to help support their communication efforts.

Hiring the right video production company will help your nonprofit:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate social media shares
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Understand and target the right audiences
  • Keep your company relevant in a tech-driven world
  • Convert viewers into long-lasting supporters

Anyone can take out their phone and press record, but nothing compares to the work of video professionals. Nonprofit video production companies are passionate about doing everything they can to empower organizations and drive meaningful results on their behalf, which brings us to our first provider recommendation!

Top Nonprofit Video Production Companies

1. Tectonic Video – Best Video Production Company for Nonprofits


Tectonic Video is a full-service video production company for nonprofits, foundations, and corporate philanthropy. We chose the name “Tectonic” with the belief that nonprofit communications are in the midst of a tectonic shift. While there will always be a need for traditional text and images, video is the future. We’re here to guide nonprofits into this new reality.

For nearly a decade, we have brought world-class video storytelling to nonprofits across the globe. Through it all, our team has never lost sight of why we do this work: world-changing organizations deserve world-class communications.

Key Features

Tectonic’s video storytellers have a range of specialties, including writing, producing, directing, lighting, audio, graphics, and more. Here are a few of the services that set us apart from the competition:

  • Premium Content Creators: Tectonic is ideal for nonprofits who prioritize artistic excellence, compelling storytelling, and measurable results and are willing to invest in high-value production.
  • Dedicated Producers: Each project has a dedicated producer who serves as the client’s point of contact and the project manager. Our producers value excellence and have laser focus when it comes to achieving your organization’s goals.
  • Meaningful Results: We create unforgettable videos that build awareness, compel action, educate beneficiaries, and raise funds.
  • Diverse Video Content: At Tectonic, we cater to a nonprofit’s every need, creating content that ranges from educational videos and testimonials to branded content and virtual reality.

With Tectonic, your nonprofit will not only receive best-in-class videos, but you’ll gain a creative partner in the process. Whether you’re in need of branded content or fundraising materials, we’ve got you covered.

Why It Stands Out

Tectonic Video works exclusively with nonprofits. From making PSAs for the American Lung Association to fundraising videos for World Relief, we are focused entirely on ensuring that our nonprofit clients thrive. Our passion for helping nonprofits accomplish their goals shines through every video we make.

Even better, we’re expert practitioners in the field. We have a tried and true process for development and production that is clear, collaborative, and low-stress for everyone involved.

Nonprofit Video Showcase

Created for Mutual Rescue, this film went viral with 100M+ views, won multiple awards, and received news coverage from the New York Times, NPR, and AdWeek.

2. Demo Duck – Best Video Production Company for Short-Length Content


Demo Duck is a comprehensive video production company that works with nonprofits to create animated and live action educational videos, explainer videos, commercials, and more.

Key Features

At Demo Duck, curiosity is key. Their team of animators and designers are pushing the boundaries in nonprofit video production through:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Live action
  • Screencasting

Although most of Demo Duck’s videos are around two minutes in length, their videos still manage to tell stories, educate customers, simplify complex concepts, and humanize brands. If your nonprofit wants videos that offer an interactive experience, look no further than Demo Duck.

Why It Stands Out

This video production company is paving the way in nonprofit animation, proving the value of cartoons and puppets in engaging with audiences. With clever concepts and head-turning styles, they breathe new life into otherwise mundane content like Chrohn’s disease awareness and firefighter PSAs.

Plus, Demo Duck promotes philanthropy within their own operations. Each year, their team selects a nonprofit to donate to, volunteer for, or produce a video with. A win-win for the mission-driven sector!

Nonprofit Video Showcase

Demo Duck made this animated video on behalf of Wheels for Wishes and Vehicles For Veterans. It successfully helped to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as build better lives for veterans and their families.

3. Animoto – Best Video Production Tool for Nonprofits on a Budget


Animoto is an online video maker that allows users to create, edit, and share videos in no time. This is a cost-effective option for nonprofits looking to take video production into their own hands. With their library of free video templates and stock images, you’ll have everything you need to create stunning videos.

Key Features

Animoto specializes in mobile-optimized, customizable video content that is especially useful for sharing on social media. Their free plan includes these essential features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Stock library for pictures, videos, and music
  • Cloud-based software
  • Easy-to-use tools

Although Animoto’s product suite is fairly intuitive, their team of video experts will still be there to help if questions should arise.

Why It Stands Out

Animoto makes nonprofit video storytelling easy. If your nonprofit is looking for quick and easy production, then this video production company could be a great fit. In minutes, you can create content for social media marketing, email blasts, or presentations. No design experience required.

Nonprofit Video Showcase

With the help of an Animoto template, the Jane Goodall Institute was able to use photos and video clips that they already had to quickly create a video about the decline of the chimpanzee population. With 500 shares, nearly 2,000 reactions, and 28,000 views, the DIY capabilities of Animoto were a success for the Jane Goodall Institute

4. OX Creative – Leader in Faith-Based Nonprofit Video Production


OX Creative offers branding, animation, advertising, web design, strategy, and logo design solutions. They specialize in developing integrated campaigns specifically for faith-based organizations. With their expertise in design, OX strives to boost your engagement and maximize your impact through well-told stories.

Key Features

OX does more than just nonprofit video production. In fact, they offer the following services to elevate your nonprofit’s web design:

  • Data visualization
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Web design

Whether your faith-based organization is raising funds for a big campaign or working on a dream project, their strategies can help you reach your goals.

Why It Stands Out

OX is a leader in video production for faith-based nonprofits, and they’re driving meaningful results. One campaign for World Vision, an international partnership of Christians, saw 31M impressions, which surpassed the lifetime goal of 775%.

Nonprofit Video Showcase

The Path is an OX original film created on behalf of a nonprofit Bible translation agency. Check out the graphics used to illustrate geographic stories across the globe.

5. Stillmotion Media – Top Production Company for Nonprofit Storytelling


Stillmotion Media offers seminars, multi-day events, workshops, and director advice to amplify your storytelling in film and beyond, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, startup, or nonprofit.

Key Features

Stillmotion provides full-scale film production, including concepting, producing, directing, and cinematography. They also offer the following storytelling resources:

  • Directing
  • Brand consulting
  • Workshops
  • Storytelling analysis

The Stillmotion team is invested in the science behind storytelling, designing and building content using empirically tested scientific methods.

Why It Stands Out

Stillmotion media is unique in that it specializes in the scientific side of video storytelling. They understand that people make choices based on emotional connections. So, their team uses the psychology of storytelling to help you understand who your audience is and how best to engage with them. When they’re not filming, the Stillmotion staff is studying the science behind attention, behavior change, and cognitive bias to ensure your videos are making an impact.

Nonprofit Video Showcase

The goal of this film was to encourage donors to support Old Skool Cafe, a club for teens in San Francisco’s roughest neighborhoods. The organization increased its visibility through media outlets such as CNN.

6. Chance Multimedia – Leader in Local Nonprofit Video Production


Chance Multimedia is a visual communications agency that produces content for clients around the globe and for local nonprofits in their home state of Colorado.

Key Features

Chance Multimedia specializes in multimedia video production. By blending text, audio, animation, photography, and video together into one cohesive story, their experienced team of filmmakers and graphic designers present nonprofits in an engaging and modern light.

As your production team, Chance Multimedia can also provide:

  • Certified drone operation
  • Live streaming
  • Graphics creation
  • Video placement strategy

Whether you want an aerial shot in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains or a graphic for your upcoming commercial, Chance Multimedia will help your nonprofit stand out from competitors and make a powerful impact when attracting prospective donors.

Why It Stands Out

Chance Multimedia prides itself on upholding video storytelling ethics. Often the stories that nonprofits tell are highly sensitive and feature vulnerable people who have never been on camera. Chance Multimedia’s team will use your organization’s content to create an authentic story and ensure the featured subjects have a comfortable experience.

Nonprofit Video Showcase

Chance Multimedia produced this video in their own backyard to show how climate change is affecting the health of Coloradans and their communities. Watch to see local nonprofit video production at its best.

With so many video production companies to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right fit for your nonprofit’s needs. That’s why each company on this list has its own unique set of features. Once you see a video storyteller that stands out, get in touch to start turning your visions into reality!

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